Wiseco forged pistons! #nomoreringlandfailures!

Hey!... Welcome to another @modmonday! Today as seen in the photo about we will be talking about @Wisecopistoninc forged units. These have a little piston noise on start up but quiet up quickly and have been running great for the last 3 years.

When looking to upgrade my old block I spent many hours researching what would be the best upgrades to the stock hyperteutectic pistons. Obviously forged is the way to go and leave the ringland problems in the past. After speaking with many engine builders it appeared that many exclusively used Wiseco pistons and most of my research was leading me to the same conclusions. 

On the website it will note that these take your compression from 8.2:1 to 9.0:1 on an STi block/heads. But if you look into the the head cc's on the chart is showing 51cc where a STi will have 57-58cc, thus not adding any compression. From many builders have posted up it will take it back to stock compression. I did not want to deviate my compression ratio so I could stay in my Auto-x class.

They are not toso hard on the eyes.. it's too bad you have to stick them in the motor and hide them away. ArmorGlide is their proprietary skirt coating to allowing for tighter fitting within the bore for better piston ring sealing and less noise on start up. 

Lower shot is my very own engine being fitted.

Lower shot is my very own engine being fitted.

These are the tougher of forged alloys at 2618 increasing the reliability of your turbo motor. They include all the fixins to attach it to your shortblock and are offset like the factory units to help keep noise down.  And they come in 3 different bore sizes to fit your engine and even custom sizes/compression ratios can be made to fit your build.

These are available at many retailers which include www.maperformance.com which you can find a link in my bio for an extra discount too. If you are looking to upgrade your stock block or start a new build make sure to include these! 

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Amazon link: Wiseco Subaru STi pistons

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