Group N trans mount! Stiffen up your shift(s).

Hey!... Welcome to February's first #modmonday! After reviewing the Group N motor mounts I had many ask about the pitch mount and then lastly interest in the Group N trans mount! I recently installed it a few weeks ago(install located on the website!) then with some great weather this weekend allowed me time to test it out and see what had changed. 

Having replaced every stock bushing in the STi but the front forward lower control arms and the stock trans mount. This bushing would be one step up from the stock Sti unit with a a slightly stiffer rubber brought to from Bridgestone. Otherwise it is identical in every other way. 

Old unit no longer up to snuff.

Old unit no longer up to snuff.

A downfall of the stock bushing is over time it detaches from mount. I have had a slight stutter from stop lights and auto-x launches that I will chock up to this failure. With the Group N installed this hasn't been an issue with much smoother downshifts. Side to side motion is removed with this mount and gives shifts a much more satisfying feel. 

Old vs  new

Old vs new

Now as we all know with stiffer bushings comes increased noise, vibration and harshness, but to me there was only a slight increase in noise. The typical six speed gear whine is just slightly increased as I tested different gears at 65 mphs. At idle the same vibration in the seat is still there from my motor mounts.. no more no less. 

New trans mount enjoying time with all the old parts.

New trans mount enjoying time with all the old parts.

With no real downsides I feel this is an excellent upgrade for any car type whether daily or race car. I truly enjoyed shifting through the gears while getting on the highway as power was delivered quickly but smoothly. 

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