Project Kics R40 Revo Lugnuts. Capped or capless.. you decide!

Hey!.... And welcome to this week's #modmonday . This week we will be looking in the lug nuts that reside on the STi. These come from @kyoei_projectkics and are the Project Kics R40 Revo with the locking lug nuts.

After purchasing my SSR Gtv02 wheels I was in need of a proper set of lug nuts to bolt them on. With 100s if not 1000s of brands and styles of lug nuts out there and making sure they are the proper style, taper and color can be quite a exhausting hunt. I spent a long many hours searching and these finally made it to the top. 

These became my choice after noting the removable plastic cap that allows them to be either open ended or close ended. This feature allows you to be able use them on extended lug studs or keep them closed on shorter studs to keep them free of debris and corrosion. Being an avid autocrosser I really like the ability to change if I needed, whether going to extended studs for spacers or swapping back to standard lugs, these will work in any application. 

The R40 in the name is the actual length of the lug nut which is the extended 40 mm over the standard 26 mm size. The tapered cap freely rotates on the of lug nut to help keep it from marring the wheels. The color of these is noted as black, which to my eyes is more of a hyper black or titanium. 

Having owned them for the last 4 years, I have never had an issue with them. They haven't tried to come loose or had any issues with the studs or threads within them. I also rotate my tires after just about every event, which is upward of 10+ rotates and a lot of removing and installing of lug nuts. They do have small nicks from the constantly removing and installing but otherwise just a really high quality product that is built to last. 

Just like the old adage goes.. You get what you pay for. The price is a bit on the high side...  but these have definitely earned their keep in my book and I look forward to many more years of use with them without concern or worries.  

Questions, comments, thoughts? Leave them below! 

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