Grimmspeed exhaust gaskets. Seal your gases from seeping out...

Hey!... Welcome to another #modmonday! This week we have a comparison of three different exhaust gaskets for your Subaru's. Contender will be Oem Subaru, @Grimmspeed, and unknown came with Kinugawa turbo hotside gaskets.  


I own the entire Grimmspeed set for both the STi and #4Runter. I have had excellent luck with Grimmspeed's unit with their 22% thicker construction and 304 stainless fire rings. When you look at the fire ring you can see it has just a bit more width and height to it over the other competitors. I have even reused each of these gaskets upwards of 10 times with no issues. 


Next up the Subaru Oem units. Obviously they are made to stringent standards and get the job done well. My experience with them has been great, no leaks and have lasted until changed out with GS units. They are all multilayered but just slightly thinner in both areas to the GS version. These are the highest priced of all the three. 

Lastly these gaskets that arrived with my Kinugawa turbo hotside. They are multilayered like the rest but you can really feel the difference in the hand. They are much thinner in aspects and are very easy to bend, i.e. lesser quality metal is used. This can really be felt around the ridge of the fire ring. I have never ran these but you can see when you are getting lower cost gaskets, you get what you pay for. 

For pricing the gaskets included with the Kinugawa part are readily found on many sites including ebay are by far the cheapest and thus are built to this standard. Grimmspeed will come in the next with the highest quality of offerings. These can be bought a full set to save you even more. Lastly Oem Subaru will be the most expensive and are great but why are you paying more for lesser gaskets? 


My choice has been Grimmspeed since changing out headers, downpipe and cat back gaskets many years ago and above photo will give you an idea of why. Most of them have been reused without any problems resealing.  

Questions, comments, thoughts? Leave them below! 

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