Feal 442 coilovers. Race car parts for your grocery getter!

Hey!.... Welcome to this week's #modmonday! Today I will be giving impressions on the @Fealsuspension 442 coilovers that reside on my 05 STi. These have been on for the last 8 months and if you have subscribed for awhile... You will know I spent 3 of those months setting them up. 


Originally my Sti was equipped with the Feal 441s their entry level coilovers. The guys over at Feal made a great name for themselves on the Subaru forums and I decided to give them a go. 4 years I rode on the 7k/5k and the was slightly firmer over stock but well damped. 

Over last winter I decided I needed to rebuild them or replace. With Feal you can pay to also have yours upgraded and that became my choice. 442s add external reservoirs with compression and rebound separately which adds tons of adjustability.  My spring rates were boosted to 9k/8k for my vehicle uses/needs with Swift springs. 


I was a bit concerned of the jump in spring rates as this is my fun car and not just a track/auto-x only car. After taking my first drive I was downright amazed, with well damped shocks and proper settings these easily out do the lower rate 441s. I have been very impressed by the ability to dial the car to your precise liking whether on the auto-x course or street. 


My only qualms about the 442s have been that the front external reservoir doesn't allow for the abs line to be bolted on properly. A zip tie suffices for a fix. I would also have liked the rear reservoir to be fitted further inboard to help keep it further from the wheel/tire. These are very small issues but they would make them just that much better. 


Questions, comments, thoughts? Leave them below!

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