Perrin Differential bushings. Get the clunk out of the trunk!

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Hey!... And welcome to another #modmonday! This week we will look into a couple of bushings in the rear of car, specifically the @Perrinperformance rear differential bushings. Installed back in August of 2015 they performed excellently and have been maintenance free since the install. 

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When out on the autocross course you spend a lot of your life in first, second and sometimes third. When shifting hard into second and third you may hear a ominous sounding clunk/thump from the rear of the car. And you may think to yourself I think the rear of my car is mad and coming to kill me.. Well that is somewhat true. 

On the backside of the diff the carrier bushings are a bit soft and can allow the rear differential to swing back forth under hard shifts. This not only causes a terrible noise but delays the power delivery and leaves waiting for your car to catch up. Perrin's bushing kit fills the voids to keep this motion at bay. With the bushing surface area increased you can expect a bit more noise at highway speeds. 

Like many bushings these are easy to overlook but a full speed 1-2 shift will let you know. Power out of a corner and you will be rewarded to the rear of squatting and firing you down to the next corner. Downshifting to get back into the power band does just that... and you are gone.


If you enjoy auto-x, drag racing, corner carving, or just quick shifting you will find these worth every penny. They give such a direct and linearity to power delivery you can't think of driving your car without them. Removal of the diff mount bar and installing them by hand. Very easy and straight forward. 

Questions, comments, thoughts? Leave them below! 

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