STi Group N pitch mount. The stiffer the better..!?

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Hey!... Welcome to #Modmonday! Featuring the Group N pitch mount from Subaru. It has only spent the last month in my car but what a change it has been. This part is installed on the STi.

When you map out your modification it is easy to shelve certain mods over other. The Group N pitch mount made it into that category and sat on the back burner for a few years sadly.. I knew it was a worthwhile upgrade but it continually was ousting by other choice parts.

The dilemma started with the fact that their apparently at least three different version available of the Group N mount.  One that is basically the stock STi unit and quite soft. A second unit that adds a bit more stiffness to the bushing is the most commonly found on most sites. (This is the one I purchased.) And a third "hardcore" Jdm version takes it up to the furthest notch. I spent many hours trying to track down the correct part numbers to make sure I was getting an upgrade and not just a replacement. 

After losing another upper radiator hose I felt the time was necessary to purchase. Part number D1040FE000 for those of you playing at home. An extremely accurate fingernail test was utilized on the rubber bushings and after many seconds it was decided.. the new mount is a stiffer rubber. 

First test drive showed how much smoother downshifts could be with a stiffer setup and less engine/trans movement while speed shifting. A few complaints I found while searching aftermarket pitch mounts were additional cabin noise on highway cruising and startup noise. The Group N is devoid of any of these, just as quiet as the outgoing factory STi unit. 

With the above knowledge I now know I can put it in my Forester without any downsides. I enjoy mods that can be useful both on my everyday drive and on the race track.  

Questions, comments, thoughts? Leave them below!  

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