Truhart adjustable lateral links. Fills my hart with adjustability.

Hey!... Welcome to another #modmonday! This week for all you lateral link owners anything that is variant of the GD Impreza chassis should be able to fit these up. These lateral links come from @truhartusa and have been installed in my 05 STi for the last 6 months and are doing great. 

I was having trouble dialing in my suspension on the STi and decided to upgrade the rear lateral links. They come with hardened bushings and the same stock endlink provisions. They also appear to be one of the few companies that sells the rear arms without having to purchase a full set of fronts and rears. 

The amount of adjustablility will help you get back to the proper alignment angles whether you are lowered or lifted. Being able to easily lock in the specs you desire for street or track. These are also a great replacement for cars with frozen toe adjusters or worn out bushings. 

My car rarely sees the rain so the exposed threads in the middle of the lateral link can be a downside. If you can keep them clean or add a small cover for them you should have no problem with adjustments for years to come. This style lateral link is found on many Oem cars and in rusty snowy areas they are known to freeze up if not properly maintained. 

I set my alignment early in spring and then ran it through 3 track days and many miles to and from the events. I recently put the car back on the alignment rack and they are right where I left them.  

Questions, thoughts, comments? Leave them below! 

Dan Engstrom