Grimmspeed Port and polished exhaust manifold. Let the rumble flow through you!

Hey!.. Welcome to #modmonday. Today we will be reviewing @Grimmspeed 's port and polish manifold with crosspipe. I installed this 5 years ago and as you can see from the pictures it is still going strong. 

I was driving the car to work one day and found that my car was making a quite precarious noise under boost. After asking a work buddy to give it a listen he said... Well it sounds cool! But that surely didn't fix the problem... 


After taking a look under the car I found that the stock manifold had cracked near the uppipe and needed to be replaced. I couldn't decide on ELH or UELH back then and decided to go with the GS unit. 

These sadly are no longer sold by GS but can be found used if you are really interested. They come port matched to help increase flow and an upgraded crosspipe to help keep everything moving the way it should. Spool time is noticeable and much improved. With the ceramic coating it helps keep the heat out of the engine bay and through the turbo allowing it to spool that much quicker. 

gs pnp.jpg

Now after 5 years these are coming down from the STi but I thought they deserved a proper send off. If you are looking at staying with an UELH design these are quite nice and you will notice the difference right away. They may end up over on the #4Runter though.. time will tell. 

Questions, comments, thoughts? Leave them below! 

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