STM battery Kit/ Odyssey battery

Hey!.... Welcome to #modmonday! This week we are looking into the Sti's engine bay at the tiny battery that could! My @odysseybattery Pc680 with the @stmtuned battery kit. It has been in the Sti for the last two years and worked flawlessly.

For those looking at racing and or a lightweight build a compact lightweight battery is always a quick way to shed weight and help balance the car. Most full size batteries will weight anywhere from 25-55 pounds and if you are a Subaru owner's it is most like stuffed into the front left nose of the car. Not the ideal place for a large ballast in my mind. 

Being that the STi was dethroned from daily driver duties I found it the perfect time to purchase this kit sold by STM. Which included everything you see; Odyssey Pc680 battery, shorty j-hooks, STM branded hold down and automotive add-on terminals. It was a great package deal that looks quite nice and is very easy to install. 

My factory battery was weighing in around the 40 pound range and the Odyssey battery is stated at 14.5 pounds with the add on terminal. Which is a great gain with dropping the 25 pounds and lowering the center of gravity by laying the battery on the side. 

The one downside of the battery would be the weather in your area and how often you drive the car. For me during the summer months I can leave the car for around a month and it will still start up. Now when winter comes I have to keep it on the trickle charger. Even in a semi-heated garage where 50 is around the lowest it sees, one week without any trips will do this battery in. Once again not a big deal to me as the STi doesn't see many miles during the winter months and enjoys life in the warm garage on the battery tender. 

Overall I think it gives the engine bay a nicer appearance helps with performance a bit. So a win-win in my mind. Questions, comments thoughts? Leave them below! 

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