IAG Street series AOS

Hey!... Welcome to another #modmonday! This week we are looking into Air oil separators or AOS for short. Their are many great units out there and I ended up with the IAG street series unit. This was installed over summer and has seen a few months of street driving and a fair share of auto-x events. 

Looking at Aos's can be a bit overwhelming with all the different designs, styles and setups. I felt this way and just couldn't decide what would be best.. finally after many days of searching I choose the IAG Street series AOS. I picked it for it's good reviews and overall completeness of the setup. Even with the mess of hoses and wires it looks very at home in the engine given their chosen location. 

The Iag SS Aos comes with a plethora of hoses and instructions to allow you the proper install that fits your engine bay and mods. They are very thorough and easy to follow for a beginner to auto technician. I purchased the street series given my power numbers and use of the car. Their is a competition unit for those with loftier power goals +400 and more track orientated driving.  A Pcv is necessary for my Auto-x class and the SS unit maintains it. 

One benefit the Iag Aos adds over the competition is the coolant lines that run through the catch can to lessen the amount of moisture in the breather lines and can. It also routes a few hoses up and around the turbo to keep moisture further minimized. Where the old Pcv was once located a new unit takes it place to allow the can to return oil vapor back to the block. 

The only downfall I found was for my 05 STi is where the Aos is mounted. It utilizes a hole and bracket where the factory alarm resides. Pulling the wiring from the loom and moving the horn slightly forward solved this issue but was a bit tricky given the available space. 

iag aos 2.jpg

Overall I have been very content with it in all facets, looks, fitment and performance. I will most likely pick up another and install it in the Forester after finishing up a few other projects on it. 

Questions, comments, thoughts? Leave them below!

iag aos 1.jpg
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