STi Group N motor mounts

Hey!.... Welcome to this week's #modmonday! Today as a follow up to my installation of my Group-N pitch mount I thought I would review my Group-N motor mounts. These would attached to my STi engine for the last 3 years without any issues.

When you add more power you need to stiffen the surrounding suspension, mounts, bushings, etc. Thus upsetting the fine balance of your vehicle and leaving you with a less than enjoyable driving experience. After 10 years the stock mounts had seen their fair share of work. 

With the engine properly held in the engine bay you will find the engine feels more responsive. As it helps keep deflection and movement to a minimum. You will also feel a nice back massage effect through the seat at idle. It gives a feeling of a powerful engine that is ready to push you further back into your seat. 

For those of you that auto-x or track your car. You will know just how wide your flat engine is and with these mounts keeping it flatter body roll will be decreased. Keeping weight transfer at bay and allowing you to put the power down to both front tires and leave your corner just that much quicker.

Drive line mods to myself can be a little anxiety inducing. Will this rattle my teeth out, will their be excessive noise at certain highway speeds, will no one want to ride in my car? I take these very serious as my car commutes me to my racing venue, then around the track and back home all in a days work. It's easy to go overboard and ruin your street car but these have been excellent fit to my auto-x/street car.

Dan EngstromComment