Maperformance ELH STi 04+. Ok it has more power... but how does it sound???

Hey!..... And welcome back to another #modmonday! This week brings in my first few months of ownership of my @maperformance Equal length header for 04+ STi and many other turbo Subaru models. I had a slight issue installing it but with Maperformance's customer service we got it all figured out. 

Pre ceramic coating

Pre ceramic coating

I have always enjoyed the sound of my uelh Subaru. It is very unique and when you hear it, you know what is going to roll down the street. So it was very hard to make a decision to change it. Five years ago when my factory manifold broke I couldn't make up my mind and just needed to get the car back on the road. I stayed with Uelh. 


A quick run down of the features and benefits of the Map Elh manifold,  It is a 4-1 design crafted from 304 Stainless made right here in the USA. 1/2" uppipe flange to prevent warping and four 1.750 runners that merge to a 2.250 outlet. All aspects while in my hand seem very well made. I had zero issues with fitment on the heads or my uppipe. The welds are of excellent quality and the flanges as sanded flat and smooth to prevent any leakage

Now on to the sound aspects, a turn of the key nets you a slight loss of rumble but still a distinct Subaru note. As you progress through the rev range the noise has a distinct change. The smoother flow takes away the boxer rumble but it in a way that is still music to the ears.  I assume your choice in downpipe and exhaust will also play a big part in the final sound that comes through. I had a lot of compliments at the last auto-x event with it on and that was great to hear. 

map header.jpg

Performance gains are where this piece really shines. When you slap the loud pedal down it goes. Spool is a little slower due to the longer runner lengths but when it is on boost it goes and goes hard. It's honestly like upping the boost, very addicting and makes you want to push the car when given the chance. I have yet to retune for it but I can't wait to see the gains as it is already out powering my old setup. 

I now really want a ELH for the Forester as this has been an eyeopening experience to me. Hope to get there sooner than later. 

Out on the course with the newly added manifold.

Thoughts, comments, questions? Leave them below! 

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