Cobb Accessport V3. Unleash the beast!!

Hey!... Welcome to the first year anniversary for #modmonday! I started reviewing parts, services and shops for Subaru's last year and hope to continue on! This week we will feature the @Cobbtuning's Accessport V3 for 04-07 STi, which has been installed for the last two years without any issues.

My very first mod for the STi was a Cobb accessport V2. It served me well for many years. I used the stage 1 and 2 ots tunes without any problems. When Cobb announced the V3 and the trade in program I decided that I would go ahead and upgrade. 

Other than wanting to have the newest coolest AP on the street my reasoning for trading in my V2 was the upgraded hardware which can switch to and from maps much quicker. Which for me was great for auto-x as I could use my stage 2 Protune on the street and swap to my Auto-x protune to meet class requirements. 

I was also drawn in by the much larger screen and the ability to easily view six different parameters at glance. It is very helpful when troubleshooting issues given all the information you can have in your hands. And for most of us seeing just how much boost we are actually making! 

I still own a Cobb V2 for the Forester and it is a bit underwhelming after being used to the V3. It definitely gets the job done but coming from the V3 you miss the improvements. What tuning style do you guys use? Tactrix, Cobb, super secret tuning you can't talk about? 

Questions, comments, thoughts? Leave them below! 

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