Swift springs 7k/5k. Bounce wit' me!

Hey!... And welcome to this week's #modmonday ! Today we will feature @swiftsprings metric coilover springs. These were used on my old Feal 441 coilovers and were swapped out for a higher spring rate on my newest setup. 

When you are looking into the coilovers this is an often overlooked area, the quality of the springs. Without quality springs your dampers/damping will suffer and therefore your ride quality will be less than optimum. Some manufacturers offer you the ability to upgrade your springs to Swift springs, this is a must to properly setup your suspension. 

When I was researching my first coilover setup for the STi I had found a lot of good info on Swift springs for struts and coilovers. After many weeks of research I had decided on Feal 441s coilovers which didn't offer them as an upgrade but as the only option. Pretty telling of how they feel about swift springs when they don't allow you any other choices for their product. Knowing that they have the best  spring consistency among manufacturers and therefore can will always work optimally with proper damped suspension. 

4 of the top goals of Swift springs are having the most consistent spring rate throughout the stroke, this helps it stay true to the damping.  The largest amount of stroke to help absorbs bumps and impacts smoothly and not abruptly. Maximum durability to maintain spring height over the years and yet to keep them light and not extra weight where it isn't needed. My 4 springs were on the car for 4 years and all measure out to the same height, no other issues were noted during their use. 

I recently upgraded to a much stiffer spring is was quite worried of the ride quality changes. Well, I was proven quite wrong. The ride on my new 442s that are sprung at 9k front and 8k rear is actually even smoother than my old 7k/5k setup. I attribute this to being able to struts being easily matched to the new swift springs. An auto-x evo I know of runs very similar spring rates on his Ohlins and these easily out perform in ride quality and ability. 

Questions, comments, thoughts? Leave them below! 

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