Grimmspeed Uppipe for 02-07 WRX 04+STi. Up, up and away!

Hey!..... Welcome to this week's #modmonday. This week we have @grimmspeed up pipe for Wrx, Sti., LGT and FXT. I went ahead with the ceramic coating option and have owned it for the last 4 years. It has been running flawlessly on the car since it was installed. 

For many Subaru's this upgrade is a must to remove the catalytic converter located before the turbo. Even if you have a catless uppipe this can be a great upgrade. 

Where many use a thinner gauge of of metal around 16-17 Grimmspeed steps up the game with a nice 14 gauge thick wall. This will help keep your exhaust heat in to help spool up the turbo quicker. With the ceramic coating can really help keep engine temps down. 

Other noteworthy upgrades along with this uppipe are a decreased spool time, increased flow rate over stock and 321 stainless flex joint to help absorb engine movement. I can attest to the increased flow rate and quicker spool up. 

It is a straight forward install, some may find the need to loosen the motor mounts to lift the engine to make room. But with a bit of twisting and a creative motion you should be able to install it without much trouble. It also comes with Grimmspeed's heavy duty exhaust gaskets! 

Questions, comments, thoughts? Leave them below.

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