Invidia G200 catback exhaust 04-07 STi/WRX. Let's getting ready to rumble!

Hey!... Welcome to another #modmonday! Today for mods we have my Invidia G200 exhaust for 02-07 WRX and 04-07 STi. This was the only mod on my car when I purchased it and has yet to have any issues. 

sti hidden booty.jpg

The Invidia g200 appears to rest in between the Q300 and N1 catbacks. It is a straight through muffler design with a slightly angled orientation. From the downpipe to the end of the car it has a small flex joint followed by a resonator and is 76mm/3" diameter piping. The tip is titanium and a burnt design on a canon style muffler. 

When I first purchased this car I thought it was quite an earful but now being in multiple full exhaust cars I can honestly say it is quite tame. It's signature note is a very bassy deep sound. With the signature Subaru rumble through my Grimmspeed PnP header it has a sound most of my muscle car friends appreciate. 

On the highway it does not drone and for my car it keeps the whines/vibrations away, with all of my poly bushings in the car it is the perfect amount of exhaust noise to drown out the driveline. 

have only had this exhaust on my car so it's hard for me to make many comparison. But hearing many cars at auto-x events and meets it really seems to be a nice deep burble that doesn't overwhelm but allows you to appreciate the sound of your Subaru. 

sti backside up the curve.jpg

My only slight complaint is it rubs/strikes my oem diffuser. I think with stiffer Kartboy exhaust hangers this wouldn't be an issue. 

Questions, comments, thoughts? Leave them below!

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