K4rt3oy short shifter and bushing set. Let's get shift done!

Hey!... Welcome to #modmonday ! This week for all you 5 speed and 6 speed drivers we have @k4rt30y short throw shifter and bushing combo. This was installed in the STi four years ago and still enjoy every shift with it. 

For most of us we go through our day shifting through the gears without a thought in our mind. The Subaru factory throw and even their own STi short throw unit leaves much to be desired. But do not fret, the Kartboy short shifter will change all of that. 

After installing the short shifter I only had one thought in my head... Why didn't I do this after buying the car! This short shifter and bushing kit make throws just soo crisp and you won't want to stop shifting.

The bushings are a straight forward install with a two piece unit for that slides in and replaces the squishy factory unit. The rear bushing comes with new hardware and is easily bolted up and now stiffening up the linkage.  

There is a bit of noise in colder temperature at certain Rpms when cruising on the highway it will bring a bit of noise up from the transmission. Given that I have hardened bushings throughout my driveline it could also be the combination of them.  Also if you have a loud exhaust or music system you will probably never hear it. 

I need to get a set for the #4Runter and see how it works out with the shifter extension! 

Quesitons, thoughts, comments? Leave them below! 

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