Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R. Grippy grip that never wants to slip.

Hey!... Welcome to #modmonday! This week we will look at Bridgestone Poenza Re-71Rs, these have been my go to tire to go to for my STi for the last 3 years. If you are looking for the stickiest 200 treadwear tire, here they are!

When you are looking to make the biggest improvement to your cars handling, tires would be on the top of this list. A great tire can improve your traction, braking and cornering ability... The Re-71Rs are at the top of their game in all these categories.

sti front left tire-5.jpg

These tires are at home on the auto-x course, with their 200 tread wear they love to stick and keep on sticking. This grip level allows them to help shorten brake distances and fire you off the line. They tend to keep gripping even at higher surface temps where other tires will start give up and slip.

The Re-71rs start with 7/32nds of tread which helps them out on the auto-x course but they don't last long. I have had many sets of these and getting 10k miles out of them would be impressive. Given their aggressive tread pattern and lower starting tread they can be troublesome in rain, especially when they are at half tread or lower.

sti front end side shot.jpg

The aggressive tread will look at home on any modified vehicle. Though, with most performance tires you will find a bit of hum around 40 mphs.


Overall given their very performance orientated design these are great for modified vehicles but truly for those who want to track them.


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Bridgestone Potenza Re-71r 255/40R17

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