Recaro Sport seat. Another reason to never step out of your car.

Hey!... Welcome to another #modmonday, this week we will diving into the STI and plopping down in my @Recaro Sport seat. This has been installed for the last five years and is hands down one of my favorite mods to the STI.

sti driver seat.jpg

After purchasing my STi I had noticed the bolstering on the driver's side was basically missing. Being a DIY kind of guy I took a foam noodle and cut and shaped it to reform the old busted bolster. But alas tge stock STi seats leave much to be desired and I started looking at other seats. 


I had always had a place in my heart for adding a Recaro but I had a few features I wanted. Must have be able to recline, good side bolsters and enough cushioning to be able to drive it long distances. I was mostly interested in the Speed model but had no luck finding any in stock when I was ready to purchase. 

A few options my Sport seat is equipped with are an extended leg adjustment for extra luxury, a spot to equip it with a seat cooling system and an inflatable lumbar support. I have yet to add the seat cooling but that might be coming up soon. Otherwise the leg extension makes long drives a joy. The inflatable lumbar support is extremely adjustable and well made. I can't think of the last time I messed with it but it has held it shape/size since setting it up. 


With a proper harness setup and this seat you will be planted in your car on the auto-x course or out on the road coarse. The only downside of this seat is for my car it takes away the factory side airbags and even you factory air bag system needs to be messed with to retain airbag deployment capabilities. Given I rarely put many miles on the STI this isn't the biggest issue but it still is something I think about. 


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