Whiteline HD rear sway bar mounts! Making sure your swaybar stays attached to the car.

Hey!..... Welcome to #modmonday ! Today's review will feature @whiteline heavy duty rear mounts for my 05 Sti. When I upgraded my sway bars there were an advisable upgrade to the stock units.

I ended up with these as a bundle with my 24mm sway bars and they have been on my STi for the last 3 years, which has included many of auto-cross events. With larger sway bars and increased g-forces comes more stress that can cause the original mounts to crack and fail. The added strength of these helps keep the swaybar in its proper location to function as intended. 

Hanging tough with my Cusco brace!

Hanging tough with my Cusco brace!

Only issues I have had was a slightly poor threaded hole through the aluminum mount that made it very difficult to start a bolt. I ended up having to clean the threads thoroughly to bolt it all together. Made out of forged aluminum you won't have to worry about rust taking their toll on these.  

After seeing a few on forums and here on Instagram having these mounts break on lifted and off-roaded Forester. These are very beefy and excellent upgrade over stock if you run into this issue. If you wanted to go ahead and upgrade them it will keep you from a failure out on the road or dirt. 

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Amazon link; Whiteline Heavy Duty mounts

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