Subaru four piston calipers! More pistons for more powerful stops!

Hey!..... Welcome to this week's #modmonday! This week we be looking at the Subaru 4 piston brakes bolted on to my 06 Forester Xt. These have been equipped for the last 5 months without any further repairs. 

As most of of you know the Forester brakes a quite underwhelming. Add a bit extra horsepower or a larger mass wheel/tire combo and they really become abysmal. Well, I did just that... coming from Brembos on the STi may have set my standards a bit high but I knew I had to replace these brakes with something better. 

New incoming, old outgoing.

New incoming, old outgoing.

I have always been a fan of the Subaru 4 pistons much improved stopping power over the factory front 2 pistons and they are not too hard on the eyes. Pedal feel is great over the stock units, but I think anything else would be better than those. Stopping power is excellent in comparison and I no longer worry about about being able to stop in time.  

Peeking out and looking great!

Peeking out and looking great!

If you are concerned about fitment on your rally car or rally wheels these easily fit under my 15" Method wheels with more room than stockers. With 4 pistons affixed to your vehicle you can now also upgrade the size of the rotors to help alleviate and dissipate heat easier and faster. 

For this upgrade you can reuse your factory brake lines and the front dust shields have no issues accommodating the larger rotors. The master cylinders between the 06-07 Wrx and 06-08 Forester and doesn't need to be swapped out. Swapping brake pads out is extremely easy as only a pair of pliers is needed after the wheels is removed. Slide pin cotter pins removed and the pads can slide right on out. 

I love these upgrades for their increased braking capacity and they are quite pleasing on the eyes tucked behind the wheels. It makes hot swapping pads so much easier when necessary, with the removal of the wheel you can easily use a small pair of pliers to get the brake pads out and back in within a few minutes. Easily fitting under 15” wheels they give you many choice for rally wheels to help perform on the Rally-x course and great for STi’s looking to downsize your wheels.

Amazon link: Subaru Four piston caliper set.

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