Company 23 TMIC stud kit. Studly studs for your studly Subaru.

Hey!.... Welcome to another fun filled #modmonday . This week on we take a look at Company 23s Stud kit #1 for 04-13 STi's, 05-06 Saab 9-2x Aero, and 02-07 Wrx. Also including anyone Subaru's that have swapped to these intercoolers. 

Installed on the Forester. Visible allen holes for installation of removal.

Installed on the Forester. Visible allen holes for installation of removal.

This keep is very simple but insanely effective. For many of you that may work on your own car. You know that removing the intercooler is necessary in many tasks for services on your Subaru. The factory intercooler has 2 threaded holes for the bypass valve which you unbolt every time you need the intercooler moved from the engine bay.

The stud kit replaced the two bolts with studs and nuts. Therefore you no longer have to worry of cross threading or galling up the threads by a less than perfect install. These are inserted in the intercooler and will forever stay there keeping your bypass valve gasket from falling down and the need for removing bolts over and over. 

Now is no fear of a intercooler that needs to be helicoiled or repaired. I truly enjoy this product much more than any one should. It makes everything just that much simpler. It often makes you wonder why it wasn't like that from Subaru. 

company 23 studs.jpg

A cheap simple mod that keeps you from headaches and heartaches later down the road. I have had them on the STi for 3 years now and just installed them last weekend on the 4Runter. 

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