03-08 Forester Rain guards by Wellvisor. A great JDM alternative!?

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Hey!... Welcome to 2019's first #Modmonday! Today we will check out the Forester's rain guards from @wellvisors. These have been installed for around three months and are holding up well! 

I have always been a fan of the JDM rain guards that Subaru decided not to bring to us. I ended up ordering a used set but bring old, plastic and an odd size.. they did not make it through shipping. I started looking for a new set when I happened across these and decided to try them out myself. 

They are shaped like their oem counterparts and have very similar attachments. 3M tape and small clips adhere them to the car, driving them various weather conditions and speeds they haven't budged since installation. The dark smoke tint helps them blend in with the trim and if you aren't paying attention you can easily overlook them. 

With the windows just slightly rolled down you can have small breeze in the car with much lessened wind noise. I also really enjoy the fact that dew doesn't as enter my car as easily in the morning. Without the guards I always had water dripping onto my windows switches and into the car. These reasons were my top two when purchasing.

I did give them a quick email in hopes that they would be producing a set for the STI but was greeted to a "Not at this time". Guess the Jdm units will be the answer for the STi. They also have plenty of other Subaru models on their website if you are interested. 

Questions, comments, thoughts? Leave them below! 

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