Stoptech Street brakes? What's the big squeal?

Hey!.... Welcome to #modmonday! This week I will be reviewing my @Stoptech street perfomance front pads for 06-07 Wrx 4 piston calipers. These have been installed for a month and half and have been less than great.


After looking through the many pads and rotors I had decided to give these Stoptech pads a try. Reading through the chart located on the website showed improved stopping power over oem brakes with a low amount of dust and quiet operation. This is what I was looking to improve on

After bedding in the pads I started noticing a bit of noise under braking. Now I can understand a small squeak from upgraded brakes but now my Forester sounds like a garage truck when coming to a stop. It's basically deafening if you are standing outside of the car. I removed them and relubed them and it lasted about 1 day before it came back just as bad.

fxt dirty wheel.jpg

Having lighter silver wheels brake dust shows up quick. With the chart expectations I feel as these are very dusty. For a daily driven car I can maybe get 3 days before they are pretty well coated in brake dust. Disappointing given my very dusty race Ebc pads on the STi aren't even near them and I knew the STi pads were prone to heavy brake dusting. 

Lastly the braking distances don't feel that improved. Initial brake feel has improved but I think it is mostly due to the upgrade from 2 pistons and 4 pistons. For all the dust and noise you would assume these would stop a freight train but they leave much to be desired given their noisiness and dust.   

Lastly, I reached out to Stoptech for info and help on these brakes given my issues. Over a week has passed and I have given up hope that I will hear back from them. So now on to looking for a new front set. 

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Dan Engstrom