Sickspeed 10" shift extension. Big mothertruckin'!

fxt shifter and wheel-2.jpg

Hey!... Welcome to this week's #modmonday! This week we will take a look at the @sickspeed 's 10" shifter extension. I purchased this last year for the #4Runter and it has been ever since.

When you take a adorable little wagon/suv thing-a-mabob and lift it to the heavens, you need a shift knob that also shows the authority your Subaru deserves! Here comes the 10" shift extension to let everyone that takes a peek into your vehicle, that you mean business! 

Basically my Forester build has been many things and most are not my typical mods. So bringing this into the interior I decided to have a shift lever to match. After installing it I have actually grown to love the much higher shift position. I can keep my elbow on the center console and shift all five gears with ease. It's height makes it right next to the steering wheel which allows for less time off the wheel and to the shift knob. 

I haven't taken it easy on this thing and it has yet to break or fail under hard shifts. My only issue has been that it likes to come loose on highway drives. I suppose I could add a bit of thread tape on my shift lever this should hold it put. Maybe a bit of nylon in the threads or an Allen bolt to lock it down would help. 

Questions, comments, thoughts? Leave them below! 

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