Loyale Fab adjustable endlinks. Allowing for more rear suspension articulation.

Hey!... Welcome to another #modmonday ! This week's product is from @Loyalefab 's Zinc coated End links that fit many Subaru's models. I have had these on the #4Runter for the last 6 months and they have been excellent and trouble free! 

Before: Factory end link

Before: Factory end link

After installing my ADF lift kit on my Forester I noticed how the suspension was being held up by the sway bar endlinks especially in the rear. After much searching through various endlink styles and all shapes and sizes. I ended up with these units from Loyale Fabrications.  



They are easily adjustable for a number of fitments. If you decide to lift your Subaru in the winter and then slam it in the summer, they can most definitely do that. Obviously I choose them for the extension they allow for.  They can add over an inch to the end link length to lessen the suspensions ability to drag the sway bar with it.

They have been perfectly compliant on the road and I haven't had any problems with them. I have since installing these found my right front end link to have a bit of knock over it and need to replace it.

endlink spray.jpg

Update: Over the winter months with salt, rain and snow finding its way into the open ball socket joint I have found these need moderate lubrication to keep them quiet. Above is the proper spray, (CRC Dry PTFE Lube) to keep the noise down but not attract unwanted dirt and dust.

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