02-03 JDM STi hood scoop. What's the scoop?

Hey!... Welcome to another #modmonday! Celebrating a year of having the Sti scoop equipped to the #4Runter. Here is the run down of my thoughts about it. Pictured above is a composite of both scoops and one of the 3/4 profile view of the STi unit. 

The factory scoop gets the jobs down and gives the little Forester Xts a bit of flair over their counterparts. But for most of us it might leave a bit to be desired. After swapping to a vf39 and STi intercooler I decided I wanted to add a bit more air flow and style to the Forester.


This unit is the 02-03 Jdm STi and is the precise pattern to bolt right up to your Forester hood. As with most Subaru body parts it doesn't come prepainted. I went ahead and let my local Subaru body shop paint it as they had pretty good local reviews and are right on my way home.

Being a blobeye STi owner and knowing that the hood scoop can block a bit of your vision. I was quite surprised with the added height really didn't block much view. I have always liked the super aggressive 04-05 STi scoops but I think the 02-03 STi has a great look and shape to it as well. It looks right at home with the Forester's body lines.


Since purchasing it and having it painted I have never really second guessed spending the money. I feel like it was a very worthwhile mod and brought the look I really had in mind for my Forester build. I am almost interested in trying a similar style on my STi as the look has grown on me. 

Questions, comments, thoughts? Leave them below!

Dan Engstrom