SG Forester suspension(KYB, OEM springs and ADF.. oh my!)#modmonday

Hey!.... Welcome to another #Modmonday! I have been asked a common question lately and it has been.. "What is a mod you regret or would change? This question is easily answered by me which is keeping the stock springs after adding the power and maybe the lift. 

After a year of driving I thought replacing what I would assume was the factory springs and struts at 208k. I thought it was the answer to my seesawing under heavy acceleration and shifts. I ordered a new set of Kybs and rear springs. 

The Kyb struts did firm up the ride that had been lost over the years. Which was a vast improvement on the highway, over bumps and potholes. Now I was really hoping for additional ride control while slamming gears.. This did not do the trick but the other areas were much improved.

My other repair was to add new Subaru springs in the rear to help. While it did help keep the hill assist from engaging it still squats quite a bit when mashing the go pedal. The ride is still just as comfortable as when it was new and the ride height has been fixed and is now even front to rear. 

Evened out ride height with new rear springs. 2’ front and 2 1/2” rear.

Evened out ride height with new rear springs. 2’ front and 2 1/2” rear.

What is the next step....? King springs, Rallitek, Feal Max travel coil overs? ADF long travel and many other choices.. I am still weighing the options and trying to make my mind up. Being comfortable is goal number one given its daily driver status but a stiffer spring is necessary. Not a short term goal but something to think over...

Questions, thoughts, comments? Leave them below! 

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