Method 502 Vtspec in Silver! They sell these in Silver!?

Hey!.... Welcome to April's first #modmonday . This week I will be reviewing my @methodracewheels 502 Vt-spec in silver with the 15x7 et 15 specs. They have been on the Forester for over a year and have exhibited no problems.

After deciding to go for a lifted Forester look I wanted to find wheels that fit the look. I had always been a fan of Method Race wheels given their work with @srtusa and how well they took abuse during rally stages. 

Styling is of strength and functionality, the thick face and spokes help with durability and keeping out mud and debris. This helps keep snow and mud from getting inside the barrel and causing unwanted vibrations. One last greatness of their design is the widened inner barrel to allow for larger brakes to fit, where most brakes need 16s to clear these 15s have no issues. 

As stated in my previous modmonday I also choose these wheels for the ability to gain many more tire options that are viable for the Forester. With a seven inch wheel you can also fit a 235 tire giving it that meaty appearance.  

Lastly we will talk a bit about the offset. At +15 offset this pushes the tire and wheel assembly towards the fender and gives the setup a much aggressive look. This will help most also when look for further clearance from the factory struts and inner fender wells. The price point these sell for also makes them very attractive and affordable. 

Questions, comments, thoughts? Leave them below! 

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