Invidia 04-08 FXT catted divorced downpipe. Baby's got cat!

Hey!.... And welcome to another #modmonday! This week I will be featuring the @Invidia catted divorced bellmouth downpipe for 02-07 wrx 04-07 sti and 04-08 Fxt. It started its life out on the STi for 3 years and was swapped to the #4Runter 2 years ago and is still rolling strong. 

There are almost as many downpipes as there are cars out there.. making it very difficult to make a decision. When I purchased my car it came with and Invidia g200 I thought pairing it with the catted downpipe would make a terrific match.

Fitment and product quality are top notch. I have yet to have any issue with my downpipe and the shine has held up through everyday driving over the last 4 years of use. 

When I switched to @grimmspeed limited catted downpipe I eventually decided the Invidia would be best to be fitted to the Forester. Now switching between the two I noticed one difference. The GS unit is a 300 milsepc catalytic converter versus the 200 spec on the Invidia. Now this doesn't seem like much of a change but it truly is. The higher quality cat not only flows better due the construction differences but smell out of the tail pipe is much different. The 300 cat really is worth it. 

Everything about this downpipe makes it a great peice to add to your car. My only gripe as stated above is the cat and smell at idle with the windows down. It isn't terrible but to a non-car person it can come off as "is something wrong with your car" questions. 

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