Grimmspeed intercooler silicone hose kit. Keeping your turbo and intercooler in touch without Facebook.

Hey!... Welcome to @modmonday! Up for this week is @Grimmspeed 's Top mount intercooler silicone kit. It includes a 90 degree bend hose and a intercooler to throttle body unit. The 90 degree hose resides on my #4Runter and the throttle body hose is on the STi. They have both been issue free since install. 

If you upgrade your intercooler to an STi intercooler there is a noticeable difference of how the 90 degree hose (Turbo to Intercooler) fits. It makes the distance but not very well and takes a bit of talent to attach it well. The Grimmspeed unit is built with a bit of extra length so you can cut it for a perfect fitment for your turbo/intercooler combination. 

Much to many owners dismay the throttle body to intercooler hose is a rubber unit. With a bit of time, oil vapor coursing through it and constant heat cycles you can see this hose breaking down. The Grimmspeed unit made of 5 layer silicone making it last longer and keep it's shape where the old rubber unit can't keep up. 

They are a bit easier on the eyes than the old rubber. I feel like they are much easier to uninstall and install the intercooler which as most of us know can be a pain. My only complaint would be that the 90 degree hose doesn't have a metal holding for the clamp that the stock unit includes. It just keeps the clamp in place when tightening and removing. 

The Sti decided to tear it's throttle body coupler and so it was replaced with GS unit. With the GS unit on the Forester the Vf39 and Sti intercooler now connect much better and no worries of it popping off. 

Questions, comments, thoughts? Leave them below! 

Dan Engstrom