Firestone Destination A/t tires. My dirty daily tire choice.

Hey!... And welcome to this week's #modmonday . This week we will be featuring my tires of choice for the #4Runter , the @Firestonetires Destination A/t. These have been on my car a little over a year and have been problem free since they were installed. 

There are plenty of all terrain tires out there when you are looking. Finding A/t tires that will fit a battlewagon are a little more sparse. When looking through the endless amounts of tires I found that 15 inch wheels definitely help widen the selection over 16s. 

 As much as I love a super aggressive tire with big fat wide tread blocks... I knew during my normal commute and everyday driving this can be rough on the ears. I also know the amount of time I spend off-roading versus on on-road time.. As nice as it is to have the biggest baddest tire of them all. These are an excellent middle ground for those in our segment.

They are nice and quiet around town and on the highway. They have a great tread design that has lasted many years as the Destination has yet to be overhauled in many years. It has a great track record as excellent middle ground tire with great on-road characteristics as well as off-road manners. 

These are also still a P-metric tire.. if you are not familiar with the jargon. They are suited for typical passenger vehicle and their amount of tire plies keeps it lighter. Which makes it rugged but not excessively heavy. This is something I noticed when jumping to M/T (mud terrain) tires, they are almost exclusively LT( Light truck) tires and thereforeare built with additional plies for strength. Which in turn makes them quite heavy over their P-metric counterpart, which can in turn wear on the suspension parts faster and make it a bit tougher to get up to speed.  

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