08+ STi intercooler upgrade. Is bigger better...?

Hey!... And welcome back to another #modmonday! This week I will detail the 08+ STi intercooler on an 06-08 Forester Xt. I installed this back a little over a year ago and it has been going strong since.

When searching the forums and ebay listings to find an intercooler to fit with my VF39 and Stage 3 upgrade I was trying to decide between 04-07 and 08 STi intercoolers. The 08+ has 38 rows vs the 04-07s 34 rows and is 2 inches wider. 

I opted for the 08+ after finding a excellent deal on a visually damaged unit, fins are a bit roughed up. Being my STi has the 04-07 I was curious how much larger it would be in the engine bay. Using the stock Forester brackets you will need to make a 2 inch extension to mount it. Being this large it hides the transmission dipstick pretty well but you can still access it. 

Now with the added size you will find out what other modifications you need to do. It pushes into the rear A/c line and the upper coolant tank hose to turbo. I utilized a extra layer of rubber hose to keep from damaging the coolant and A/c line and it has held up against any rubbing or vibration. I also used 3/4" spacers on the mounts to help lessen the rubbing but this proved to be too much spacing as it pushed against the hood. 

All and all I have been quite content with this setup. I have always wondered if the 04-07 would fit a bit better given it's slightly smaller dimensions. Trying to squeeze this thing in is a bit of a challenge but nothing so frustrating. If you are looking at upgrading this would be a great unit for those wanting to maximize the room available for the largest factory intercooler. 

Questions, comments, thoughts? Leave them below!  

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