06-08 Forester Sports grill. Better than your local sports bar?

Hey! Welcome to #modmonday! I have had many questions about my current grill setup and thought it is time for a few thoughts and a review. My setup is the 07-08 Forester Sports grill made by @Subaru_usa and it has been on the #4Runter for a year now. 

The 06-08 Forester's silver grill leaves a bit to be desired. I enjoyed the stock unit given the silver wheels, rear hatch garnish and roof rails it looked put together with blue and silver. My stock grill had a bit of damage on it from the previous owner and I decided to start the hunt for a new grill.

Subaru really did an excellent job in my mind on the overall look of the 07-08 Forester Sports models. The grill, bumper, and head lights really come together to transform the front of these vs the standard models. I replaced my headlights with sport models in necessity to my fogged over factory lights and thought the grill would make a great replacement while enhancing my current looks. 

While this grill is quite attractive by O.e standards, Subaru is quite proud of it and this is noted when checking the price. These aren't the most common on used boards but this is where I found mine and would recommend you look but anyone that buys it new probably won't complain after installing it. It really gives the car a new look. 

I would love to add the Forester Sports bumper to my current setup but feel the stock front bumper looks good with my off-road build. The Sports bumper also hangs a bit lower and I would worry of roughing it.

Questions, comments, thoughts? Leave them below.

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