04-08 FXT A1 Cardone HD axles. Smooth yet satisfying

Hey!... Welcome to this week's #modmonday ! After many questions about how these axles I installed it seemed fitting to do a proper review. These are @cardoneindustries A1 cardone HD axles for 03-08 Foresters, they have been installed for the last 5 months plus without any issues.

Obviously lifting a Subaru isn't without it's side effects... The most common appears to be shaking/vibration during acceleration. Many aftermarket axles either make it worse or have very little positive effect on the issue.  

I personally ran through 9 different axles trying to find an answer to my problem. I even thought of taking out the lift plates after struggle with this issue over the last year. After speaking of my issues ADF commented that A1 Cardone axles were the way to go and I should give them a go. And I have been very content every since. 

The quality of these Cv axles are top notch. I had no issues with length or axle threads or splines. They have higher quality thermoplastic boots that have better protection from heat and more puncture resistance over standard neoprene boots. It's the little details that make these stand a part from the rest. Feel free to check out Cardone's full website for a full list of benefits these axles bring you. 

I purchased these from @rockauto_llc but they can also be sourced from Napa under the name Napa Max Drive. I have been nothing but pleased with these and will continue to drive them for further longevity.

Questions, comments, thoughts? Leave them below!                                                  

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