04-08 Forester XT Perrin turbo inlet. Does it suck...?

Hey!... Welcome to this week's #modmonday. After receiving quite a few questions and comments about the @perrinperformance turbo inlet I decided I would give you guys more insight on what to look forward too. 

The STi has had a Perrin turbo inlet installed for around 4 years now. Concern of the factory unit tearing and the large power increase charts on the Perrin website drove me to this part. I have also installed in both manners, squeezing it under the intake manifold and removing it completely. Either install is not what I would call "fun" but I much prefer the wedge it under the manifold technique, less time consuming. 

I think the most noticeable gain from installing the turbo inlet is how much easier the car makes boost. Watching the RPMs it will come on much quicker. Pair this with a great exhaust manifold and you will see how well they compliment one another. If you have a stock or very quiet exhaust you will be treated to the whoosh of building boost and a more intense BPV between shifts. 

My local city driving includes many 45 Mph roads, when I swapped to the Vf39 I found it impossible to drive around in 5th gear. The slightly larger turbo and intercooler pushed it out of boost range, which isn't a big deal but a quite noticeable difference between the two setups. The inlet brings back the quicker boost building that reminds me of the td04. 

Overall I can't really find any downsides to the Perrin turbo inlet other than the less than fun installation process. But that is the same with any of these inlets given their routing. I would say the length of it is a bit long for the Forester though, I had to swap to my STi air box tube as the Forester unit was just too long to close the air box. 

Questions, comments, thoughts? Leave them below! 

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