04-07 STi exhaust. The sweet sound of victory!

Hey!.... Welcome to another edition of #modmonday today we will covering the back half of the my exhaust on the #4Runter . The includes a an 04-07 STi midpipe and muffler. I have had these installed for the last year and have enjoyed it thoroughly.

Being my daily driver I did not want to have a excessively loud exhaust but I was looking for a bit of the performance gains. My Sti came with an Invidia catback and so I had never experienced the STi exhaust. I figured I would give it a shot.

With my current setup with the Curt hitch I had to make a few modifications to the muffler hangers to attach it properly. There are many different ways to go about this, having a friend with a welder made my decision easy. 

On start up it has a much deeper sound to it. It isn't overwhelming or even that noticeable but it is there. Part throttle or mid throttle will give you a bit more noise but generally the turbo will be a bit louder than the exhaust. At full throttle you get a good amount sound but nothing like any aftermarket exhausts.  Basically a nice deep bellow that gives you a some good feels but nothing other cars will take note of. 

I would definitely recommend this mod to anyone that is looking to up their performance but stay under the radar of other cars and local law enforcement. I left the midpipe presilencer, I am quite intrigued by what difference this would make but haven't given it a test. 

Questions, comments, thoughts? Leave them below! 

Dan EngstromComment